Jessica Nguyen is a typical 14-year old girl living in the San Francisco Bay Area. She loves manga and reads much of it in her spare time, but dislikes anime for the most part. Her obsession and unparalleled devotion to the manga-ka group CLAMP borders on cult-like, along with her strange addiction to egg custard toast. She owns and manages a website solely dedicated to her OTP (Kurogane x Fay D. Fluorite from Tsubasa -RESERVoir CHRoNiCLE-), and can be spotted every now and then on MangaFox, MyAnimeList, and YouTube under the username ‘Faeverily’. Jessica plans on graduating a year early from high school to make time for studying abroad in Japan. Collecting kokeshi, tsuge-gushi, kanzashi, shitajiki, and other nifty items is a hobby of hers. She tends to splurge on manga, clothes, and gourmet chocolates.

Her Vietnamese name (written with the designated Chinese characters) is 阮家恩。In both Chinese and Vietnamese, her given name literally means ‘blessing’ and her family name ‘moon-shaped lute’. Based on those characters, her authentic Japanese given name is 恵 (Megumi). It also carries the same meaning. Jessica’s chosen Japanese family name is 藤原 (Fujihara), therefore, the result is 藤原 恵 (FUJIHARA Megumi).

Her extreme case of seasonal disorder often leads to hiding under the blankets whenever it rains. She has two little goldfish named Kyle and Louie, along with a hamster who prefers to remain anonymous. For reasons unknown, she meets more crazy people than coincidence should allow. She believes that quoting smart people is good for the soul.

She also believes that speaking in the third person is the first sign of a disturbed mind.

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