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Kurogane’s scar and Fay’s language

How could I have not noticed this?


Kurogane’s scar. It’s so meaningful, yet Bee Train didn’t realize it was there! Kurogane’s scar was actually mentioned by Syaoran in the manga once, and I recall reading it, but I registered it as ‘unimportant’ in my mind. Read all the comments from that LiveJournal post, as well. Even after obsessing over every single detail of Tsubasa, I have missed possibly one of the most important things about Kurogane.

Another interesting thing I found on the GaiaOnline profile of Fay’s #1 fangirl:

I’m probably one of the only people that knows that “Vi la princia,” the line Fai said to Sakura before they left Tokyo as he kissed the back of her hand, is Esperanto.

Something I found on Wikipedia about the language:

As a constructed language, Esperanto is not genealogically related to any ethnic language. It has been described as “a language lexically predominantly Romanic, morphologically intensively agglutinative, and to a certain degree isolating in character”. The phonology, grammar, vocabulary, and semantics are based on the western Indo-European languages. The phonemic inventory is essentially Slavic, as is much of the semantics, while the vocabulary derives primarily from the Romance languages, with a lesser contribution from the Germanic languages. Pragmatics and other aspects of the language not specified by Zamenhof’s original documents were influenced by the native languages of early speakers, primarily Russian, Polish, German, and French.

It’s extremely likely that Esperanto is not Fay’s mother tongue, but it may be his second language. In fact, it’s not uncommon for European people to know three or even four languages. Still surprising, though. Fay also used the specific word Gehenna when talking to Ashura-ou in the tower. He was, of course, using the Hebrew term for hell. And what about the strange characters he writes out for his magic?



^ Read more about Fay’s culture here.

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