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My encounter with an xxxHoLic troll

These are the statements of one troll on a certain xxxHoLic forum, put together for your enjoyment. Spoilers up to Chapter 199.

Some people really scare me ;__;

whatever Himawari feels for Watanuki is totally platonic. Watanuki love Yuuko and its pretty freakin obvious.

I think it a big love circle. Himawari loves Watanuki

What? What? Isn’t that completely contradictory?

If Watanuki and Yuuko do not end up together, I might stop or might not read this again. If this ends up being some Yaoi nonsense where Watanuki and Doumeki end up together, I will puke and stop reading this manga.  If little Kohane is sexually molested by Watanuki and they somehow end up together, I will stop reading this manga. And I swear, If they even think about putting Himawari with Watanuki together, I will claim clamp the worst anime romance writers and I will change the demographic of xxxHolic from Seinen to SHONEN!!! Also if Yuuko does not return, I will be pretty upset…..but more importantly if they put romance in it, I will declaim clamp as good writers and never mention this manga again.

CLAMP would be the worst romance writers ever if a pairing you ship doesn’t go your way? You’ll be upset if a dead character doesn’t  “come back” to life? You want Watanuki and Yuuko to end up together, but if CLAMP puts any romance in xxxHoLic, you’ll never read it again. This makes no sense whatsoever.

I’m way pass romance, that’s so Shonen and Shoujo. In most Josei and seinen’s, animes for ADULTS, romance always takes an unexpected toll. So I’m not expecting a happy ending…that would be too typical. If that’s what you want go watch some Naruto and Bleach, Shonen type of stuff….those always have happy endings because they are for children.

Don’t a lot of josei and seinen manga have romance? Shounen manga are directed at teenagers, not children. There are shounen manga with tragic endings. And I thought we were talking about manga, not anime.

(Seriously, this demographic is directed to men…..why would they make two gay lovers between Doumeki and Watanuki in a manga for men? Some men might like it, but the majority are rooting for Yuuko/Watanuki. Personally I couldn’t agree more.) (Even though I’m a woman. :p)

That sounds sexist to me. Who said women can’t create seinen manga? Who said women can’t read seinen manga?

Believe it or not Clamp doesn’t push as many boundaries as some anime writers I’ve seen. I see a lot of traditional anime themes.
Secondly, I hate to sound boring, but adult animes never usually have your typical happy endings.  Simple.  I’ve watched and read so many Joseis and Seinens and almost none of them have “happy Endings”.  I read clamps work Legend of Chun Hyuang, it was a Josei and guess what…it did not have a happy ending.  So for you people who are used to the kid stuff like Naruto and Bleach, when you watch adult animes (based on demographic) be prepared to be romanticly disappointed. Adults animes are not in favor of Idealistic romances. Not to say you’re not an adult if you like happy endings, but in the animes that have a demographic directed to adults, most of them don’t have happy endings. You have to watch Shonens and Shoujos for a sure ‘happy ending’.

Adult manga/anime can’t have romance? Who said that shounen and shoujo manga always have happy endings?

By the way….its not a contradiction, there.  With Yuuko and Watanuki, If they don’t end up together and somebody else ends up with Watanuki, I said I may or may not read it.  Which means I would have to think about it long and hard. If its going to be a romance, it has to be Yuuko/Watanuki.
But because romance could go either way and I don’t think xxxholic needs romance, I still might read it until the end, but I won’t claim clamp to my friends as one of the best writers.  I never said I wouldn’t read it if it had romance, but If it does, Clamp will lose some cool points in my book. I’m not contradicting myself….I’m just indecisive of what might ruin this manga/anime for good.

You are contradicting yourself -__-

And the Yaoi nonsense….was not towards all Yaois but it would suck if Doumeki and Watanuki were gay, because I like them better as friends.  I like many Yaois especially Loveless, but Doumeki and Watanuki’s friendship will be ruined and would be a bunch of nonsense.

Doumeki and Watanuki can’t be both friends and lovers?

Yeah, I’m not a lesbian. I’m straight, but I like adult-like-Yuuko because she is the image of what a Seinen should be like…and I just can’t see Watanuki without her…its unfortunate that there aren’t that many fangirls of this pairing….I guess because girls like typical shoujo and Josei types of romance. I personally like the typical Seinen romances. But the girls who do like my type of pairing, we must have some pretty strong minds and have our own minds aside from society of typical women. WE ARE LEADERS!!!!! WE ARE ORIGINAL!!!! And we’re intelligent over idealistic…….(I’m proud of y’all… :smug:)


Doumeki might have a chance with Wata, but I doubt its a romance. To me it seems like a good friendship.  Watanuki is not gay that is for sure even if Doumeki is.

What’s wrong with being gay? -.-

Ha Ha! I’ve been reading clamps work before they were even popular back in the early 1990s……Doumeki and Watanuki are friends. It has not been a relationship building but your own interpretation of what the relationship should be.

CLAMP’s works weren’t published in countries outside of Japan for a few years. Therefore, it’s impossible that you could have read their manga in the early 1990’s. Even if you were, you say you’ve been following them since you were 5, so that means that you’re around 25 now, and I seriously doubt that. Also, I don’t think you should insist on saying that Doumeki and Watanuki are just friends, as if it’s a solid statement of fact. Your second and third sentences contradict each other.

And if you actually read my post, I said that I don’t believe Kohane and Watanuki will end up together, but they have a better chance than Himawari and Watanuki……I repeat ” I don’t believe Kohane and Watanuki will end up together, but they have a better chance than Himawari and Watanuki“.

I don’t know about you, but when you take Chapter 199 into account, WataHima is more likely to happen than WataKo.

XXXHOLIC is a Seinen, which means regardless of the women who watch it, its not directed to them, its for men.  So deal with it.  Its a fact.  Clamp made the demographic so talk to them about it. Maybe they’ll change the demographic.

CLAMP chose the target demographic because xxxHoLic is definitely not ‘shoujo’ or ‘shounen’, but it could be classifiable as either ‘seinen’ or ‘josei’. They had to choose one out of the two, in order to serialize it in a magazine. xxxHoLic is just as much a josei as a seinen.

Yes its typical for clamp, but not in their animes with demographics directed to a male audience. Even in Tsubasa fans might like Kuro/Fai, but Kurogani loves Tomoyo in the story….TOO BAD! Clamp promotes male friendships and they do it very well, but neither of them ever say they are in love in the mangas.  People make their own comparisons based on their culture and what they want to imagine.  So, my opinion still stands.  And like I said before when I said MAJORITY, I wasn’t talking about women and gay people.  Majority of MEN like Yuuko and Watanuki.  Check the asianpopcorn survey.  Thousands of MEN like WataYuuko.  The reason I said MEN is because the demographic is directed to MEN!!!!!! Not majority women, BUT MEN! Talk to CLAMP about it.

Why are you dragging Tsubasa into this? Nowhere in the manga does it say that Kurogane loves Tomoyo (by the way, you spelled Kurogane’s name wrong, and it couldn’t have been a typo because the ‘i’ key is nowhere near the ‘e’ key on the keyboard). CLAMP promotes male friendships…? What? What?

To Faeverily:
Talk to clamp about it. They are the ones who put a demographic on it. Miyazaki never did so they left the audience open. But Clamp put a demographic on it, so evidently they are the ones who have not moved passed stuff for boys, stuff for girls. Not me. I’m just stating the fact that it does have a demographic…its up to you whether you want to take that into consideration.

When you say Miyazaki, I’m assuming that you mean Hayao Miyazaki. His movies are essentially targeted towards children, but appeal to adults just as much. Obviously you don’t know that you have to put a target demographic label for your manga in order for it to be serialized in a magazine in the first place.

Okay, you can be pissed over a manga all you want, but that would make you hypocritical vain and opinionated one.  This thread is based on opinion. So I’m supposed to listen to what everybody on this board has to say and not have an opinion of my own? I don’t think so.  Everybody up here who flamed me needs to understand that everybody is not going to agree with you.  I said how I feel about the manga.  I never said anything about anybody personally.
If you want my opinion XXXHolic is too good to be solely based on romance.  This is not a romantic manga, its Sci-fi. It doesn’t have to have romance.  So for people to stop watching for the romance, their intention wasn’t that good to begin with.  A single thread is thin.  If you like it for other reasons besides the romance, than you like what this manga stands for.
I never directed these comments and opinions to anyone in particular except the manga. People are taking this personal as if they are in the manga.  Something is wrong with that picture.

You just called someone hypocritical, vain, and opinionated, and later on you say that you ‘never directed these comments to anyone in particular’? Obviously someone’s going to take it personally if you insult them. Also, just because xxxHoLic isn’t solely based on romance, doesn’t mean it can’t have any romance.

I would give up my eye for my best friends.  I would give up anything for my friends, and I have.  Because to me they are like family. I love my best friends.  Thats not a hint of anything except that clamp promotes male friendships and strong bonds of brotherhood between men.  You ever seen Brothers of Color.  They do those things all the time. Princ of Tennis (Chinese version)?  They all promote sacrificing for friends.  Reading majority of the manga clamp has made, Clamp is never states the type of love people have. They believe all love Platonic or romantic is important and there should be sacrifices for those people.

Male friendships…?

Also, CLAMP confirmed that Tomoyo has a romantic type of love towards Sakura in an interview.

Tomoyo sent Kurogane because she felt that Kurogane’s heart was getting harder. But Kurogane was starting to realize that he was getting heartless.  Tomoyo said that she didn’t want to send him away. But she didn’t want him to lose love in his heart.  That was the reason.  But she wanted to see him again.  And Chobits is a different manga from the Chiisama in Fai’s world in Tsubasa.  Chiisama in Fai’s world loved Fai. I don’t know if Fai loved her but, I know that Fai is sentimental around her.

Tomoyo wanted to send him away, period. Where did it say that Chii loved Fai? He didn’t even care when she died.

Chii loved Fai and told him she did. Fai never said he was in love with Chii, but they seemed very close because of how Fai acted around her.

Again, where did it say that Chii loved Fai?

Most of the people who say its obvious Doumeki and Watanuki are in love, you should be criticizing them and their opinion because thats not a plausible explanation that they are in love.  It could still be platonic.
If this was a Josei, Shoujo, or Shonen-Ai, ( like in Cardcaptor Sakura), I would believe that Fai and Kurogane have something.  But because Tsubasa is a Shonen I find it very hard to believe. And in XXXHolic I also find it hard to believe, for the simple fact that these two demographics are directed to male audiences.  Mostly female audiences give recognition to yaoi romances.  And since Clamp put a demographic on it, I’m assuming they want the majority audience male, otherwise they would not have put a demographic on it at all.

Again with the demographic crap? Okay, so if the target demographic audience of a manga was changed, it would totally change your view of the characters and their relationships with each other? The target demographic of a manga is more important to one’s understanding of its characters than the actual content of the manga itself?

Well, yes, but I did not talk about anybody up here, did I? I never called anyone names or talked about anyone’s logic of clamp. So they were disrespected by what again.? I respect them too.  And I respect the ones who left this message board as well.  The people up here are more than a notion.

You just called someone hypocritical, vain, and opinionated. Also, you’re not respecting people. You’re forcing your opinion on people.

Anyways, this girl got banned by the moderators. She immediately created another account and started posting again like nothing happened. She just thought she could trash the forum with her comments. Even WataYuu shippers didn’t like her. No one agreed with her. She ranted on and on about how there can’t be any shounen-ai in xxxHoLic because it’s a seinen manga and that girls’ opinions on xxxHoLic don’t matter and that CLAMP only promotes male friendships and she said that Seishirou and Subaru don’t love each other and and and…

Kill me. Kill me now.

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  1. shamu_orka
    February 19, 2010 at 1:49 pm


    What a [censored] that gives YuukoXWatanuki fans a bad name. I hope everyone who reads her posts realizes she’s a troll ._.

    • Lena
      February 19, 2010 at 2:58 pm

      LOL, omg love you Faeverily.
      This is too funny.

  2. February 25, 2010 at 2:14 am

    …wow. I read through the whole thing on MangaFox. Did she seriously think everyone was stupid enough not to notice if she changed one single number in her username?

    Remember, idiocy is not a virtue!

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